30 Days Nofap



@anon33710869 thank you . I try my best to not giving up. 11 days sober today


Thanks for the advice


i know what u mean brother, porn and masturbation is just not worth it, if your addicted. It takes away all the energy to live, and it really messes with our brains, im basically a hermit after 24 years.


But look at you now! You clearly see the issue and you have pushed the reset button on your life. I know I have. We are granted another chance at living. We don’t have to become hermits no longer.


i agree, it kinda feels like a big part of my life has been ripped out of me, but i know is for the better, congrats on your journey bro, glad to see your doing well my friend.


I also put my Nofap count back to the 1 month and somedays. I realized like you said @anon33710869 masturbation is natural and I haven’t relapsed just because I masterbated. I never masterbated to porn so there for the NoFap Challenge is still very much alive.

Also found this site that goes thoroughly into details about different NoFap modes I guess this is the one I’m doing now:
“Porn-Free Mode
This is also referred to as the P-Mode. This is when someone abstains from watching pornography for a period of time only. The rebooter is allowed to masturbate and have an orgasm.”


im also doing a porn free reboot, 43 days strong, so far, lets get to one year my friend.


Yes indeed my friend!!! I’m trying to go for a lifetime :joy:


its possible i did it before, i ever got addicted, one day at a time, we got this


Thanks for your words. I am interested in how you defeated PMO and what do you mean with being an hermit.
Two weeks sober


I started with no fap, thats a online support group, i would spend hours and days there, learning as much as i can about my addiction, i have read the book, “your brain on porn” about 6 times. I learned about porn substitutions for example, you tube videos, or movies and books, anything that would arouse my imagination had to be cut out of my life. Looking at real woman on the street was something i had to stop doing for good. I also read books on spirituality and how i can become a better person without the use of pmo. No fap you tube videos also help, there is many people with the same addiction who are on the same journey. By hermit i mean i have done pmo for so long that, i have never learned how to socialize like a normal person. Hope that all this helped my friend. congrats on your 2 week free from pmo.


Thank you for the good explanation!!! I am following a similar way. Do you know the podcast Porn free Radio?


yea, i heard it a few times, any help is good help my friend, hope u get some good streaks going.


Today 15 days sober and really excited with sobriety


Its a powerful feeling! Hang on to it!


Awesome job there! Keep vigilant!


Day 16 sober and you are right. Experience told me to be vigilant :supervillain:🏼‍♂


Thats what got me back in November. I had over 200 days down and I guess I started feeling too confident. Like i had it in the bag. Started flirting with disaster, but said to myself that i could handle it. Wrongo.


Boy I wish 30 days was that easy for me. I can do 4 days easy and thats about it. Mind sharing what your doing?


Its not healthy for me, as im full blown addicted. I cant function without it.