30 days sober and finally going home

So I hit my 30 days today, and it was easier than I thought it would be. But at the same time, I am in an alcohol treatment program and away from my triggers and stressors. Tomorrow I get to return to the daily exposure of those triggers.

While I am ecstatic to finally being able to go home and see my wife and kids, I am worried about the stressors of work and home life quickly piling on. I have already located several support groups near my home and my work and plan to attend meetings the first weekend home and to try and find a local sponsor who understands my stances on religion and spirituality (refer to my topic on Morals ethics and values).

My family will support me 100%, but most of my drinking was done at home. And while all of the alcohol has been removed from the house, combating those triggers like insomnia and potential boredom are extremely hard to do.

Im not really sure what else it can do to set myself up for success upon return. I have found a few things to cure boredom, but nothing to cure the insomnia. Hell, as I write this, I took a lunesta 3 hours ago and still feel nothing but wide awake…

Anyway, just wanted to vent and rant for a bit.


Have you tried meditation at all? Works for a lot of people. I do it occasionally, but not often as it almost makes me too groggy. (I sleep relatively well, sorry. )

Yoga isn’t too bad either, again I don’t do it often but I do it to mainly help keep my back pain under control, which is my main trigger. Ultimately it relaxes me also.

I do listen to meditation music/videos. They don’t do too much fore unfortunately. As for yoga, I can’t say that I’ve done it, but I exercise 5 days a week, sometimes more. A lot of cardiovascular and strength training (think crossfit but not as dumb). I’ve been dealing insomnia for 8 years now and nothing I’ve tried has made it any better. Prescriptions, sleep therapy, hypnosis, nada. Just a remnant of previous deployments that will be with me forever I suppose.

Thanks for the advice. I do love to read a good book. I also like to do nerd things with the kids, like build lego star wars ships and puzzles and other board games. Maybe I’ll put in 10k hours worth of yard work now that I’m sober enough to actually do it fully and not just ride the lawn mower in circles. Hahah.


I sometimes go to the library and read. Its relaxing and I have a goal to read 100 books this year. Some are by audio as well. Mostly in business and self help type stuff. Also maybe try learning a new skill like guitar or something like that. Theres so much opportunity out there nowadays we would be fools to waste our time going back and drinking. Lots of online coaching you can do as well. Thinm of all the money you will save not drinking and use some of that to invest in yourself and growing and learning in new areas.

Also joined several meetups that interest me and keep me busy. Also a great way to build new friends who arent about that drinkin life.


Congrats @karmaprogram awesome work!! The Journey do starts when u get back home. For me it was important to have team around me for support and advices. And still is Aa meetings , sponsor .work the steps and fam . Belive in your self and be Proud!!

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