30 days today...finally


Today I reach 30 days clean. It only took over a year of trying but I did it. It has not been easy. Matter of fact as I have said in a few previous threads it was painful at times. My fight continues. There is no time to become complacent.


Ah yes complacency! It’s hard not to reach a point where the little voice says " you can have one, you’ve sorted this now"

Well done on 30 days!! :grinning:
yes I agree it is painful but you have worked through. Good for you.


Congratulations on 30 days! I celebrated my 30 days on July 18, 1989 and I remember that day (and those days) vivdly.
It was a warm day in Simi Valley, CA USA and I had decided I was going to drink. A few explitives & that was it. Then the phone rang & I ended up agreeing to give an elderly woman a ride to a mtg. Drinking would have to wait. At the mtg, one man took a chip for 7 years (I couldn’t relate), a woman had less time, then there was me. My exact words, as I stood up in front of everyone were, “My name is Sue, I’m an alcoholic. Today I have 30 days and as soon as I leave this mtg and drive a woman home, I’m getting f–ing wasted!!”

Well, I drove her home, remembered I had a sober commitment the following morning, offered up to the universe another explitive or two & went to bed. After some Sleepy Time tea (problem sleeping).

This was long. That 30 days experience is still alive in me. “If you want what we have and are willing to go to any length…” (Alcoholics Anonymous, pg 58)


Congradulations, i wish i can see that day. People like you continue to prove it is possible.