31 Days, new motto


I did it. New motto, “All I can say is that I won’t drink today & won’t drink tomorrow.” Doing well, started back at the gym, studying all the time for anatomy, went to a tutor today. Therapy is going well & I’m thinking of seeing a psychiatrist. We’ll see.

Just an update.


Great progress! What are you studying?


Positive action yields positive results. Consistent effort yields consistent results. Keep getting after it!


Occupational Therapy, madam.


They certainly do. I have clear goals written out for myself.


Thats great !!. I have just started today.
Carry on. It will be worth in the end…
Thanks for sharing and msg me anytime for accountability. Stay sober… May serenity be yours


Great to hear! I was thinking about you this morning when o told @Modestakieran about SMART recovery.
I’m glad you are doing well pal!!


That’s great @Joy_Fullmer…you sound so much more positive. That makes me happy.


Thank you, Dream. That means a lot.


Nice! I haven’t been to any in person meetings lately but the online meetings are just as good.


Idk about positive. I’m definitely more motivated, though.


Good job! Love the new motto.


Thank you. :slight_smile: (I actually stole it from a facilitator in one of my SMART Recovery meetings.)


Stealing, maybe… sounds like you owned it.


I am trying