34 days and had wierd reaction

Went 34 then making lunch, brain felt really wierd like going to have nervous breakdown,. Had a 5 mg. Valium in me ,panicked and had 2 shots of vodka , like someone waved a magic wand over me and brain and I okay !!
What was that ???

That is the disease of untreated alcoholism. It manifests in all of us unless we work on our recovery.


Maybe try a meeting get a network of recover round you wish you well

Lots of weird things happen in early recovery, for about three months I would get episodes where I felt like my brain zoned out, I felt completely outside myself and panicked, I would forget things when I was driving, I once stopped at a roundabout and couldn’t recall the right of way rules. It felt like my brain was shutting down. Once it started it could last all day until I slept and then my brain seemed to “reset” to normal. I’ve seen a few people asking about these weird reactions, it’s all part of your body and brain adjusting and learning to regulate without alcohol. It’s unnerving but does get better with time

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Thanks for your answer, did not know that happened almost had wife take me to emergency room thought having nervous breakdown. Do eisodes like that get better and go away, or just have 2 shots get over it and go another 30 days ???

If you work on recovery the feelings will go away and you won’t need to drink.

Thanks !! That will help :blush::+1::+1:

It definitely gets better, I’m a few days off six months and have not experienced this since about three months. Don’t drink to relieve it or you are just delaying being totally free, do a bit of reading about it and concentrate on your recovery. Once you understand what the feeling is it’s much less scary :blush:

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Thank you shell , your info has been great stress relief for me,. And I truly thank you !!!:grinning::grinning::grinning::+1:

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Had another of those brain feelings yesterday , but not as bad and made it through without having a shot to make it go away ,. Almost did but resisted


I’m so happy to hear you made it through without drinking, it’s much easier once you know what they are and that they do get better, I promise you they do :blush: