34 days sober and bad urge

34 days sober from alcohol!! Today sucked. I had such a strong urge to drink from missing my children (they come back into my care end of April). It kind of scared me of how much I didn’t care in the moment, I even got myself ready to go for a walk to the store to grab alcohol. But after I got ready, I just cried and cried. I thought about all the outcomes of what would of happened if I decided to drink today and all the scenarios I thought of were not good, they never are. I need to go to a meeting but no AA meetings are happening where I am right now. :pensive: I know it gets easier with time but man, that urge hit me strong. I just needed to rant somewhere, so someone can read it and I get it off my chest somehow…


But u didn’t go! A miss is as good as a mile! Glad u got it off ur chest, and now u can move on with being sober. About meetings, have u tried online?

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Well done on not drinking today that great :+1: I’ve looked at you profile there one way that could help you is spending a lot more time on here reading and learning from others there is so much information on here that could help you and don’t be afraid to ask anyone questions or for help things will get better but it also depends on what you willing to do for it like you talked about no AA meeting at the moment but you could try online meetings too so there is plenty of ways to help yourself I hope this helps you :+1:


Thank you guys :raised_hands:t3::blush: I feel a whole lot better and glad that I didnt go and drink. I’ll be spending more time on here reading and connecting.


Read and Rant as much as you need. That’s what we’re hear for. Turning to this app when I’m feeling tested helps me. I owe the people on here a lot.

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So proud of you for not going through with it. It takes a lot. Stay strong😀

Good of you to play the tape trough!
Maybe you can follow online meetings instead of the AA?
Here are some links:

Congratulations with your 34 days!! :confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball:
You are doing great!