365 today :)

Sober for a full year today.
Timer Resets/failures before: 90
Money saved in 365 days: 1500€/£1330/$1820

It gets easier and easier if you stay strong in the beginning.


Congratulations Denny. That’s so wonderful. It’s a beautiful thing isn’t it !!

Congratulations Denny that’s a major achievement!!

Congratulations on one full year! :sunflower::sunny::pray::tada:

Yyyaaaayyyy!!! Denny that’s so awesome!!! Congrats!!! :tada::confetti_ball:

That’s so great!! :partying_face:
Congratulations Danny!!
Any tips for newcomers??
How did you do it?

Congrats Denny! Now on to year two! :muscle::zap:

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Peach that! Congrats!

One year is an awesome achievement! :partying_face: Congrats!

Stand up if you fall and keep going until you reach the turning point where everything gets clearer and easier. Our willpower can be unbreakable if we work hard enough. I archieved it without any help, just by myself even though I failed 90 times before I succeeded. Believe in yourself. YOU control your body and mind!


Thank you for the tips Denny :+1:

Well done on your 365 Denny!!! Such a big year for you!!! Congratulations!!

Truly wonderful! Someone get this man some real steel! Hugs to ya Denny.

Congratulations on one year! My lord you saved some good money there! Great work :clap::partying_face::partying_face:

Good on ya, @Denny! Lay that sobriety down one day, one brick at a time. :partying_face:

Congrats!! Way to do it :+1:t4::tada::tada:

Thx all and happy new (sober) year :sunglasses:

Yes it does💪

Welcome, @Joe2!