$390 per day minimum habit. Day 1 and I'm quitting this time (trigger warning pills)

I’m a swallower. Snorting perc 30s just didnt have the same effect on me. After my 1st and last experience with cocaine (that lasted about 6 months) I refuse to do any further damage to my nose anyway. Was blowing 8 balls that cost around 350q and it was some cakey fish scale raw. One line would send you into withdraw without more. Comedowns were so brutal until I figured out perc 30s were the cure.

After a bad brief breakup with my wife I just started popping 30s. Probably like 4-5 per day. Now 2 years later I am at the point where I’m taking 12-13 at a time just to feel anything. I can afford the pill habit and I will not take dope. Well I run a business and slowly losing money weekly rather. I quit with kratom for a year and relapsed because I just wanted the real thing again.

Today is day one once again. I really don’t want to take kratom. Don’t want to take suboxone. Just want to get through the hurtle and come out of the other end not dependent on the drug. In May I am moving to England to expand my business. Both kratom and the sale of percocet without a prescription is illegal there… so it’s either I man up now or gradually continue to up my dose and make it even worse for myself down the line.

This sucks. But I’ll save so much money if I just stop today. Any words of wisdom for me? Would like to hear any feedback on ways to kick it once and for all.


I’d say just get it out of the way. Opiate withdrawal sucks but to really go thru it, as hard as it is, will make you stronger. At one point I was spending $100s a day on oxys, morphine, and opanas. I used kratom too to get off pills and became addicted to that. Not as bad or expensive but still something I didn’t want in my day to day life. So I very slowly cut out doses until I didn’t need it to get by. For me tho, alcohol was my worst enemy and I went thru that withdrawal alone and bc of how horrible it was, it made me realize I can never go back. I’ve got 90 days alcohol free today! You can get thru this. Read read read here as much as you have to. Theres many many people who have been where you are. Take all the advice and actually put it in motion. It takes work but the payoff in the end is worth it! All the best :pray:


I quit cold Turkey, from snorting all the 15s and 30s I could get all day and 5 mg xanax ever night…for upwards of 20 years, closer to 30 …in one day. I took 2 8mg suboxone strips a day for 3 days and quit those too.
I wound up in a detox center for a week and rehab for 33 days and then went to IOP for 6 weeks after that…
Now uts been 576 days since I had any of that crap in my system and the time i did in detox and rehab was well spent, even the time in IOP was worth it,I learned a lot there that has helped me stay clean.

They say everybody is different and some wont need as much help as i did but others may need more time in rehab .

Just do whatever it takes and dont leave any help on the table…

I can guarantee you that everything you’ve worked hard for, your business, the cost of your move - Everything…will be a waste if you dont get a handle on your addiction by the time you come to England. England is not a compassionate place for drug addicts. If you’re a drug addict in England, you may aswell just sign your own death certificate because no-one is going to help you. Theres no easy access to rehab, theres very few people to talk to professionally, drugs are pretty heavily criminalised and if you have one local client get wind that you’re a drug addict, you can pretty much write off your business. People do not want to associate with drug addicts. England is not an easy place to live. Hospitals are overflowing, it takes weeks to get a doctors appointment, social housing is almost impossible to get, public transport is bursting at the seams, the roads are chocablock all the time… No matter how much you can afford, this is not a good place to be in active addiction.

Use what you’ll save as fuel to stay clean. My habit was pretty bad too and I’ve saved over $8k in 4 months. I couldn’t do it on my own though. Went to detox for 10 days and IOP for 9 weeks. Now I’m using this app and AA to stay clean and sober. Wishing you the best.

Dude… you are seriously underselling the NHS.

England is not perfect, by a mile. But a hospital visit won’t bankrupt you.

There’s no easy access to rehab, but it’s affordable. Last time I checked, it was about 5-6 hundred a week. Not cheap, but affordable.

And it doesn’t take weeks to get a doctor’s appointment.

As someone who has both worked in and used the NHS, I feel offended by this comment.

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What you’re essentially saying here is "I have a different experience as you, therefore you’re wrong and I’m offended’

Do you want an apology or something?

Something that people seem to forget is that the NHS is NOT free. It’s a service that I pay for out of my earnings whether I have to use it or not, whether I like it or not and if I have to pay for something I should damn well be able to use it when I need it. I agree that the NHS is a great system which is why people flock to come here… sadly, just because it’s the best system, doesnt mean it’s actually any good.

£5/600 a week for rehab - let’s look at that for a second. Is that what you would call affordable? I earn about £700 a week (more than the median house income for 2 fulltime working adults in England) and I cant afford it - I’m grateful I’m not in a position to need it but those who do need it, do you think they have a spare £600 a week to pay for rehab?

It doesnt take weeks to get a doctors appointment - I’m really happy you have had better experiences. I have had to wait up to 7 weeks to get a doctors appointment.

If you came to my restaurant and complained, I would do everything I could to make sure you were looked after because you paying for me to provide you with a service. If I were understaffed, I wouldnt scream at my staff because its not their fault, it’s my fault for being inadequately staffed.

You may well have used the NHS and you may well have worked in the NHS… How does this qualify your offense?

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Come on, I think your overall message here is excessively bleak.

This is true in as much as nowhere is an ‘easy’ place to live, however, objectively England is by far one of the ‘easiest’ places to live in the world. I’d hate to think that @GonnaMissSleeping is now concerned they are moving to a place of perpetual gridlock and hospital queues as this simply is not the case. Compared to most other places, England is a good place to live. Best of luck with your move here, but yeah, I imagine it’s best to get a handle on your problems before you move.

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You made the NHS sound like some third world country system where everyone is left to die. I nearly died (actual healthy issue, not addiction)and had to call an ambulance and have been treated with nothing but care and respect.

I worked in several departments and met health care professionals who were overworked and underpaid. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty amazing.

I said rehab is affordable by comparison to the US.

I need a business that pays 390 a day.

Have you tried rehab?

I hope your prepared for this. The probability for someone to get clean cold turkey with no help is below 10%. I advise getting some kind of help and surrounding yourself with sober people. Its a long drawn out process to recover from opiate wd and the damage it created. I didnt fully start feeling myself until 6months clean. Most of the physical is over after month then its a mental game from there on out. You will be irritated some days, depressed, and have mood swings but its all part of the process. Once your clean it will also help identify your mental issues(bi polar,BPD, anxiety disorders,etc…) once you have a clear sober mind. Usually that is the underlying reason why we become addicts and use to cope with life. Then i advise taking action on getting help for that and then it will make this process easier and worth living. Goodluck