4 days gone

Got to 4 days. Gave in to stress/anxiety. No real excuse.
Starting over tomorrow I guess.


Sounds like a good plan. See you around.

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i messed up too after 9 days

i didnt fall in deep though; ive been through wose

little bits of sobriety… saved my life atleast

i cant seem to go long term…
i dont know why… horrible habbit i guess

i wish u luck this time around.

and all wisdom

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Doesn’t sound all that determined. You guess, or you will?

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We’ve all done it. At least you are aware there is a problem. Stress is a big part of it for me as well, that’s why I fell off but I’ve come back stronger. Dust your self off and remember the reason why you don’t want to drink and how bad it makes you feel. Keep checking in on here, we are all here for you. X

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Maybe a good sober network round you might help good foundation for me was a must and ive not relapsed or had a slip so its working for me wish you well

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