4 years and 6 months Hello


I would like to say I am here becouse of You. I am sober from drugs amd alchol for 4 and half year and some days. It wasn’t easy but I made it. And I think a lot of people who start and want to quit this shit and wants it from a haeart will manage it. I was trying for years. I started as a teenager and been on drugs and alc for about 20 years. I ruined my carrer, I damaged my family and caused many harm to other people formy whole life. This one particular day and it was march 1 2019 I had worse day of my life. I realized how awful person I am and that I have nobody to ask for help. My wife left me with 2 sons. And the road ahead was straight to drinking till death.

I was first in my life in terror of this. The next day I searched first numer i found to addict therapist and asked for help. I was in my life on many therapies but i never was on it for myself. Always someone wanted me to go. Parents or wife and i never was truely motivated. I finished 1,5 year therapy. And joined AA and NA. I live with 12 step programm i get it from my AA sponsor.

My wife came back to me. I have a job, and we are trying to rebuilt our familly. My wife finished her therapy on codependancy. I can say today tahat I am happy person. Happyer than ever before.

It is wotrh to suffer at the beggining not always it is easy. I also have bad moments. But i would not exchanged my sobriety for any moment from my addicted life.

Keep it up it up it is worth it.


Welcome and congrats on 4.5 years! :tada:
Thank you for sharing your story. I love hearing how people’s lives are turned around in sobriety. It’s very inspirational.


Welcome abd congratulations on your 4 years and 6 months!! That is some good sober time. It sounds like you have done a lot of solid work at repairing and healing your life. Thank you for sharing your story!! Hope to see you around!


Glad that you have joined our community and thank you for sharing your story. Yours shows the power that sobriety can have in life, particularly when you truly put in the work to repair relationships and become a healthy family as a whole again. That’s amazing work! I appreciate that you’ve shared how therapy can be of value in the process, that you don’t have to be alone in making changes to improve, and your wife benefitted from therapy, too. Great message. Thanks for being here.


Hi from Scotland glad you go to meetings and have a sponsor well done wish you well


So thrilled for your 4+ years of sobriety and turning your life around. You are crushing it - keep up the amazing work :muscle:
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Inspirational story thanks for sharing!
Congratulations on 4.5 years of freedom :clap:t2: :confetti_ball:

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Wow. What turn around in your life sobriety has given you. It sounds like you have put a lot of work into making changes and I’m so happy for you, for all the positives it has brought.
Thank you for sharing for those of us much earlier on in our journey as inspiration and motivation to put the work into maintaining sobriety.

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Congratulations! This is such an amazing story and very encouraging. Thank you for sharing!