47 days today

47 days today and I must say my body feels great i know people love drinking on the weekend but that doesn’t phase me anymore so I know I’m stronger now God bless you all we all can do this just stay strong my friends


Congratulations!!! That is awesome. I hope your day is very happy!

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Thanks hope you have a great and blessed weekend

Hey I’m 48 days today! I am so much happier. Congratulations on your 47 days! :call_me_hand::rainbow:


Thanks congrats to u also we can do this

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That’s a considerable achievement. The first 30 days or so I found very, very tricky.


They always say after 21 days you got it then

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I think there’s something in that. But I was still really wobbly for a long time after that. Maybe it depends on how long you drank for?

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I drank for years and years. Started as a teenager, I’m 48 now. Just done with it!

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Yea i been drinking for a while but I’m over that problem now

I started at 12 years old i will be 44 next month and I got tired of it too hated the hangovers I feel so great now

Same. Drank through A levels, uni, post grad, 30s, birth of my son, divorce, 40s. Drink, drink, drink. Everything in my life I was able to connect or justify by drinking. Even ironing had to take place with wine.

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