4th day I can not get an ounce of sleep

My new 4th day I can not sleep. I am stressing about all the stuff I have neglected when I was busy getting hammered. Any tips


One day at a time. You can’t fix all at once. What’s important will reveal itself to you the longer you are sober. Take steps daily to improve what is important to you. Social relationships, physical health, mental health. One day at a time.

In my first two years I built healthy habits and used habit trackers for a long time to monitor and solidify them. It worked great for me. Nowadays my healthy habits are for the most part ingrained and I don’t need to monitor them anymore.

Welcome! Also, you might wanna get more active on here. I see you have 5min reading time in your month on this forum. This should increase. It’ll help you with sobriety and you’ll learn a lot.


I feel you buddy my sleep is all over the place and im early in too. From experience its our brains rewiring. Also depending what your drug of choice was chances are youve been blacking out rather than falling asleep so it could be that.


A hot shower! Hot showers were literally the other thing that made me feel normal, and tired. You have to remember- what your doing is one of the most important things you’ll ever do in your entire life. Dwelling on what you neglected in the past (I do this also, it gets me no where) isn’t going to do anything, it’s in the past. You’ll take care of what you need to when your good, focus on sobriety first, everything comes after. You got this!


Make a list of jobs that would be good to get done.
Keep them small and manageable. Tick a few of them off during the time that you would have been drinking


What you are feeling is normal. What I did:

  1. increased my physical activity
  2. made a list of every chore, job, activity I neglected. Since I wasnt drinking I had plenty of time.
  3. daily wrote me out a list of things to do. It was jammed packed. But sober me could accomplish a lot

Checkout a yoga nidra sleep meditation on the free app Insight Timer. Ive never made it thru a whole yoga nidra meditation awake


I only learned of insight timer from the mediation thread on here. Ive used it every day since. Such a great app


This makes perfect sense. I was on alcohol exclusively but I was blacking out more than sleeping .


The human body is amazing. If you haven’t slept in four days, this one tonight you could have God sleep! It is inevitable.

But like anybody said sobriety Hass to be your number one goal. Everything else has to wait. After you sleep tonight make a small list and just knock off small attainable goal so you can do it! Please come on here tomorrow because I know are you gonna sleep tonight!

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I’ve just read this, downloaded the app and completed my first learn how to meditate session :woman_in_lotus_position: I’m struggling with sleep too, so will be trying the sleep meditation. I love all the tips I pick up from this awesome community!


I was the same, I had neglected so many things that it would keep me awake.

Here’s my tips:

Understand that there’s only so much time and only so much you can do, so prioritize your todo list.

I prioritize by level of effort (LEO) and urgency (what has the most financial impact).

I had some things that were low urgency and low LOE, I floated some to the top just to get them out of the way and to feel accomplished. It really got the ball rolling for the rest of my tasks.

Allocate some time, not all of your time, to work through your backlog.

Find people to help. Some things can be farmed out to others in your household or hire someone to do it for you. Example: I discovered recently that the IRS had rejected many years of returns, this was a huuuge source of anxiety for me, so I hired a company to resolve that issue for me, totally worth the money as I can focus my time and effort on other things.

Within your priority list, determine what you can control and what you can’t. Let go of your emotional attachment and responsibility to the things you can’t control because it is what it is; it will get handled when it gets handled.

Once you start checking things off the list, it feels really good and you start tackling bigger challenges and start thinking outsode the box for solutions; it becomes exciting and something to look forward to. At least, that’s been my experience.