4th day without alcohol!


Willing to go running through the streets of joy, I will return to play chess seriousness, to travel, to meet new people, to change my life.
Courage for all of us in recovery.


These are all wonderful things that you’d like to return to getting back to the things that keep you well. Might I simply add, don’t forget what you doing today to get you to your tomorrow? Living in the now being present feeling those feelings, the creepy crawly skin the discomfort, and then facing all of that bravely and moving forward all the while taking part in activities that will keep you whole those are the small victories that will add up and keep you a long road to recovery. Anyway that’s what worked for me, living in the now staying present and managing my reactions to people places and things. Once I got stable I could take on larger objectives in my life. when I started biting off more than I can chew that’s when I started running into problems. My little victories slowly became larger and larger victories until here I am 29 months later still kicking. One day at a time my brother no matter what don’t pick up