5 months sober BOOM πŸ’ͺ

Cant believe I have made it this far still have hard times but the good is more than the bad now


Congratulations! More good days to come

Woohoo! Keep in rocking. :two_hearts::bird:

Congratulations! 5 months very well spent

Congratulations!!! Keep on!

Great job. You are the man!

Thanks everyone I have a holiday to gran canaria on Thursday I was worried I would be tempted to drink when I go but I think I will have a run on the beach on a morning then relax in the sun then water and juice on a night out I think I will enjoy it


Well done mate! :facepunch:

Congratulations!! :trophy:

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Congratulations with your 5 months sober!

And enjoy gran canaria!


Congratulations! Hard work pays off :slight_smile:

Awesome job!!!

Congratulations buddy, five months is huge!!! Friggin awesome.

Weldone and keep moving…

Thanks a lot guys means alot and positivity is booming now

Amazing amazing work. Well done pal x