5 Total Days - Tomorrow will be 6

Hoping I’ll find time to maybe go for a jog tomorrow - I think that will help keep me motivated. Worked a bunch all day - I am a chef and usually at the end of the day enjoy champagne or cocktails while wrapping up. I stocked up on some Martignettis Apple Cider though, so that’s been helpful. It’s funny, as a kid I used to drink it at holiday events to make me feel like I was one of the adults drinking alcohol. Now I’m using it to help me get away from alcohol. Full circle, haha. It’s still as delicious as I remember!

Is anyone else experiencing heightened job stress due to Covid? I know that is a silly question, because obviously the answer is yes. I have chef/owned my restaurant for over 5 years… last May I closed for renovations and buying out my partners. I reopened this February, which, is a giant challenge all on it’s own. 3 weeks later we had to shut down because of the virus. Not a good combo with being a pretty severe alcoholic with an endless supply of booze at cost. I guess kind of a funny time to get sober, but I’m so glad I am! It feels really great, and at work today I felt so calm, focused, and lacked the sluggishness I am so used to at this point. I am very grateful for this.

Oh also, anyone re-watching Lost with all this time at home? I sure am. I am down to talk Lost if anyone else wants to!


I am very lucky in that my job is secure so i do not have any stress related to it’s continuance.
I can only imagine the stresses placed on you during this time. Well done getting sober and keeping focused.
Wishing you the best for both yourself and your business.
Crack on, champion!


First yes we are all with you on the stress. And second I’ve literally watched everything on demand and on Netflix lol. I actually let the stress of all this going on make me relapse and lost almost 400 days. But I’m taking it one day at a time and I’m hoping to get out and exercise today too. I need the fresh air and to get out of bed lol hang in there.


Congrats on the 5 days! Charlie (from Lost) would be proud :slight_smile:

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