500 Day Club


What?! I have to make a new thread for a higher day count thread? Think about me tomorrow because I am going to have 500 freaking days of glorious sobriety.

This milestone I want to do something big. I want to make a support group for family units. Addiction is a family disease that I would like to see a family solution for. I hope I can swing something helpful over these next 100 days because I am so blessed and I can only keep it if I give it away.


When I grow up, I want to be just like you!

Good work C! One day at a time!


Omg, you are amazing!!! You are such a big hearted and great person. I’m glad we have you here!


Hey! I’m almost there too! Just 427 days to go!


You are incredible. Congratulations on all the strength and beauty you have brought to your - and your children’s lives. You are proof that hard work pays off. Thank you for your support of me - and so many of us here.


Lol, if you mean by shooting the shit, yucking it up, and derailing thread topics then it has been my pleasure. You guys help me. It should be me thanking you all.


Rock the 400 day club while you are there! Be proud of exactly where you are.


I’m right behind ya my friend…494…im so proud of us!!!


Derailment aficionado! I am just a young padawan learning your jedi ways.


So proud of you @C-sun!! You have worked so hard!! See you there soon!


I’ll also be there soon! It’s crazy we’ve been here so long :grin:


And congrats @C-sun! You crack me up with your sense of humor and amaze me with your honesty. You are a good friend pal:).


Well done girl doing great x


Indeed… seems like I was just struggling at 90 days! Today is 470!


Thats awesome @C-sun! Welcome! Sobriety is treating me well and sounds like it is you too! Keep being the inspiration you are to people.




Boom! Way to go!




what what!


Super cool! 18 months is around the corner.