500 Day Club


Very happy to still be sober!


Knock knock :grinning:



in the club! :slight_smile:


Congratulations!!! The 500 club is HUGE! Keep it going!


I guess they let anyone into this club now.




So very happy for you!



Congratulations goat.


Yeah!! Congratulations!!

I hope they let anybody in here, Im trying to make my way in. Leave the light on for me.


@C-sun are you going to found a 700 day club?


It’s here…

700 Days Now


Someone had already done it!


500 days of getting better at getting better, Goat-style.


The thing I am most proud of is the fact that I have made at least one meeting each one of those 500 days. I could never find the time to do anything before. Now, even on days where I am working crazy hours, I find the time to make a meeting and take an hour for my sobriety.


That is something to be very proud of. Especially considering how little sleep the goat gets some/most nights. Lots of people would skip the meetings.


This club just got a little less exclusive. Day 500 for me.


Oh dang! Youre legit now Derek!


Offical in about 2 hours.


Nice! I change my goals to the hundreds now.


My plan is to quit counting after 24 months. I figure it’s pretty much stuck by then.