5th day soberski

Hi all, firstly just want to say thanks for the replies and anyone who read my story, really gives me motivation to keep sober. I still haven’t told anyone yet but we have a few celebrations coming up in Jan so it won’t be easy for me. I’m thinking ahead and might just say my hi’s and go for a long drive! I don’t have the friends that will understand and be supportive. There too uneducated and set in there drinking ways to understand. I’ll think of something I’m sure.
Anyway I’m 5 days in now and pretty chuffed with myself. My dad’s been on it non stop and is saying sit and have a drink but I’m saying no and just going up early to watch telly in my room not very sociable but it’s helping me also my sleep patterns a little messed up but reading a few posts I’m expecting it to get back to a regular pattern soon. Appetite also seems to be returning and I can’t remember the last time I felt like this.
So all in all a good first 5 days. Im finding it quite an adventure doing this. I’m breaking it down into mini tests. First test was 3 days which I passed. second test was this 5 days mark and another pass. Third test will be a week. I’m confident I’ll pass.
Anyway just wanted to my piece. Message soon.