6.5 Months was my Record

My sober date was 8/26/2022 as of last weekend and my roommate at the halfway house I’m living at brought shots into our room, so, long story short - I flushed 6.5 months down the drain and I have 1 week today…:face_exhaling: I hadn’t even thought of alcohol before that experience: one trigger took me out that quick so I need a relapse prevention plan that works for me! :disappointed_relieved::cry:


Welcome to the sober crew! Congrats on 6.5 months. Im sorry to hear about your relapse. Addiction is a tricky bitch. Im proud of you for trying to get back on the sober horse.

This place is amazing! This community and AA are a big reason why i have 10.5 months free from weed and alcohol after 20 years of active addiction. This place is full of people from all over the world who are super supportive.

Im glad you are here.


6,5 months of sobriety is amazing and not easy to accomplish. Very well done. :muscle:

Drinking for one day does not mean you are back at the start. You did a small step backwards but also made two huge steps forward with not drinking for another week.

Make an relapse plan that involves your roommate, so she can not overwhelm you next time!

Welcome to the forum!

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