6 days then relapse

I’ve have been a drinker for 10 years and recently started experiencing tingling in my feet and hands. I am trying to stop drinking entirely but I have not been successful. Last week I went 6 days without a drink but caved in this week. I would think after experiencing neuropathy symptoms that it would motivate me even more to quit. My body needs to heal and I need to let it. Any positive feedback is much appreciated.


Hey there! So glad you are here. Neuropathy is a big deal and big sign that you need to do whatever it takes to stop. What’s your plan? I did rehab, IOP and still participate in multiple sobriety communities. Don’t let this neuropathy become permanent.


My positive feedback is you are here admitting you have a problem and being open to change. My positive suggestion is any troubling body symptoms might be best assessed by your doctor, who can also recommend concrete treatment options to get your health back in order. More positivity: you are here, you are making steps to change your habits, you want to feel and be better. That’s an amazing step right there.


My plan is to pray and pray more and spend time writing music like I used to and enjoy the many benefits of being sober (no hangovers, no worrying about my health getting worse, losing weight, feeling like a better person, clearer mind, etc.)

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Thank you for your feedback. The first 6 days being sober were great! I just need to make a plan for when the cravings hit.