60 days and a big weekend!

Just hit 60! Woohoo!

I have a very exciting and nerve wrecking weekend coming up. My son is turning 1 year old on Saturday. It is also my husband’s birthday. His parents and mine are traveling to see us for the occasion. This will be their first time here as we just PCSed (permanent change of station) back in September. It will be a two (full) day drive for my parents and several hours of flying for his.

His parents are getting here this afternoon and I’ve been running around like a mad woman trying to prepare. They aren’t big drinkers but they don’t know I’ve quit so there is that. We won’t see my parents until Saturday morning but my dad IS an alcoholic. My mom is super supportive and I know she will try to keep him in check. I’m sure everything will be fine it’s just going to be the first time I’m really around alcohol since New Years. Plus the headache of dealing with in-laws and party hosting!

I’m not having alcohol available for them. If they want anything they can bring it themselves and take it back to their hotel when they leave. I’m just going to focus on ensuring my son and husband have a good time because thats what is most important.


Yeeees @MissQuinn Congrats! I didn’t know we’re litter mates (same month and year of sobriety) You are thinking clearly. I hope all the best for you during this hectic time.

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Awesome on your 60 days. You can do this. The wknd will fly by and everything will go great. If this get rough remember to ground yourself, take a deep breath and move on.

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Your little boy is turning 1. That is so exciting!
That is quite the gathering you are having, just think how fresh and relaxed (and not hungover) you are going to feel once it is past :purple_heart:

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U and I are team 60 days! I know there are some others here too.
Sounds like a well thought out and good plan. Do something nice for yourself today too :slight_smile:


Oh my gosh yes. Can we just talk about how awful it is hosting? And in-laws being awful? Lol, yes on all counts. Normally I’d be pre-gaming to the max in a situation like that to even be able to deal with the craziness. I don’t like hosting parties or get togethers but we do it pretty frequently unfortunately. Sounds like you have a good plan and great support around you. Lean on that support and kick ass! :grin:

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Do you have a plan for if/when it gets to be too much? If you think there is a risk you might drink, is there someone you can call that isn’t already there? One the tools in my coping plan is to take a short walk. Or say a short prayer. This is all new for me, so I haven’t pulled these tools out very often. But it helps just to know that they are there! :smile: This has actually been a good reminder that I can use them if I need to.

P.S. Happy Birthday to your little one! I have such great memories of my twins’ first birthday!


Congratulations @MissQuinn :smiley: that’s a huge achievement. Try and make a backup plan like others said just incase something becomes too much of a trigger for you. Hell feel free to message me on here as a last resort even lol happy early birthday to your son as well.

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Thanks everyone! I don’t have a plan other than my normal “I need a break” social strategy (going to the bathroom lol). But my son is on a set schedule with naps and feedings so that will give me several breaks.

Congratulations! That’s a huge achievement! Stay strong this weekend! We will all be thinking of you :blush:

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Hi @MissQuinn congrats on 60 and stay strong this weekend! Sounds like a lot going on, but really happy stuff.

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@Kareness thank you for the birthday wishes! I don’t really have anyone to call as my two main supporters (husband and mom) are going to be in attendance. I can always pull them aside for a minute if I need to talk through a moment.

@Steve92 thanks also for the birthday wishes! It means a lot to me that you have offered your direct support on here. :blush:

Already had my first challenge. Within the first hour of my mother in law being here she was asking about where to buy liquor, what they had and their hours. I (cowardly) gave her what info I could and skirted the topic. I mentioned it was a dry county and she said something like “Oh well we can’t have that now can we? You can’t stay here.” (she knows we are moving again in a few months). I just laughed it off. sigh

I talked through it later with my husband. She didn’t mean anything by it. I just have to keep in mind that I’ve only seen this woman twice in the past 2 years and she’s basing her knowledge of me off of pre-pregnancy.


Phew OK…so the elephant in the room has been addressed. She straight up asked me if I wanted anything from the liquor store. I responded with “No thanks I actually don’t drink anymore. Thank you for the offer, though.”

I feel much better now. Especially because it was done on the phone. :joy:


:smiley: :smile_cat: :thumbsup: