60 days free of my addiction!

Today I am 60 days sober!! when I first started this journey I never thought i would make it this far. I was a binge drinker and would spend my weekends drunk and out of control. I did what i wanted to and didn’t think about what affects it had on my family and friends. It has been a hard journey, My Wife and friends still drink so it makes it a tough sometimes, but i Just walk away when I have had enough and they all understand. It has been hard during this crazy time as well not being able to go to meetings, but i have stayed strong and am excited to make it to 90 days!!!


Yayy! Congrats on your journey!!! I’m almost there. I’m at 1 month and 26 days :slight_smile: amazing how God took away my addiction. I thank him every day… keep your head up!! Especially in this time, this is the time for SOBER THINKING!!! GOD IS DOING A NEW THING!! Isaiah 43:18-19

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That is just wonderful!! Keep at it!!

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