65 days making it

65 Days Sober. But I tell myself everyday “ Alcohol drug me away from my home and now Alcohol keeps me from going home “


Congratulations on your 65 days Sober ^.^

Hi @bigdawg04, welcome! Great work on 65 days. :+1:

Welcome Damon.
Congratulations On your 65 days. Great job.

TS has been a great place for me to get support. Have a good read around here and join in when you’re comfortable. We are all just trying to not take that first drink. The most important deadliest drink there is.

I like the

It’s a great thread to stay accountable.
Hope to see you around.

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Congratulations what a accomplishment! Welcome to the site great place to hear a lot of recovery stuff and it helps me to read and get out of my head when I’m feeling crazy! Keep on keeping on


Ty all🙏 For the congratulations