7 days clean and sober

So today iam 7 days clean and sober

Iam sitting here today thinking and right now tou it’s only been 7 days the difference already is huge.

I have a lot more energy
My paranoia isn’t as bad as before
Iam not stuck to a bed dreading to get out of it.

Yes I did want to use in them 7 days but I managed not to which to me is a massive boost self control has always been a big issue for me I love cocaine the snorting the taste of it I absolutly loved it.
But from been on here talking others attending my first NA meeting last night I feel a stronger person that iam not alone in this battle

Thank you all :heart:


Good job Kevin. The first week is the hardest and you nailed it, You can be proud of yourself. Keep up the good work.

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Hi Kevin, well done on your 7 days. It’s an awesome achievement, you should be proud of yourself.
My thing is booze now but has been coke in the past and I know how hard it is. That’s another reason why I’m kicking the booze, it makes the other too tempting and I’ve come close so many times.
It’s awesome, well done for posting. Keep reaching out on here as it will help you to stay strong :muscle:
Wishing you all the best.

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Iam the same when I use I drink when I drink I use so iam knocking both on the head aswell it’s one big circle if I don’t knock the booze aswell as the coc iam only fooling myself

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Well at least you realize that and aren’t trying to kid yourself. Well done. I’m only on day 5 atm so I’m in awe of you at 7 days. It’s the weekend though and that is the most dangerous time for me so I’m taking each hour, day at a time.
Hopefully once we have the first week in the bag we can start to build in new habits so we don’t even think about using. Right now though, it’s about survival and experiencing new territory.
I just seem to have so much more time on my hands - which can be good, or bad!
We can do this :pray:


That’s such a great feeling isn’t it.:pray::eagle:

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