7 days sober Aust

It’s been a long week but I made it! I was dreading this weekend as weekends are one of my big triggers. For years I have had a drink on the weekend, well since I was 15 and im 40 now, only stoped for 2 pregnancy. Im happy that I found zero alcohol “beers” in my supermarket. I had one today with my father in-law over for dinner, so no FOMO for me tonight.

I do have insomnia tonight (Australia time zone) though but I’m wrapped I’m not to lying here feeling guilty or remorseful, just chilling out.


Congrats on a week! That’s a great accomplishment. Keep going. :blush:



I’m from Sydney. Congrats on your sobriety. I’m 100 days nicotine and almost a month alcohol free. I too found the Heineken 0.0 beer last week. Don’t mind it actually. Not that I was craving a beer as such. Just soft drinks are too sweet and I need something more than water with my food.

Best advice I can give.

  1. One day at a time. Keep your goals small. Large goals can feel overwhelming at times.
  2. Try to shift your focus from quitting to living your life free. A lot of people have this issue when they stop drinking. Their life stops as they wait for sobriety. Sobriety will never come. There is no flick of a light switch and you are cured. You need to move forward and discover that life is better sober.

Congratulations with your week sober! :tada:


Thank you so much @mallen. Yesterday was tough, I’m so happy this morning though. Waking up not dry or feeling like my head is caving in. Your advice almost made me cry…in a good way. It rings true to me. A day at a time is what I have been trying to focus on. Especially yesterday. I was thinking of the wrong “b” word. Yesterday I was thinking board not better. I am feeling way better sober this morning. Thank you.

Thank you. I have shared this with my sister who is also trying to stay sober. It helps a lot :+1:

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Thank you.

Thank you. I appreciate it :hugs:

Glad I could help. And well done on not giving in to the cravings. Keep it up.

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Great advice. Thanks for sharing. 2 days sober and feeling strong. Also an Aussie.

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