7 Month Sober


Hi all. 7 months tomorrow :grin:. New and having a look around :eyes:. Wishing everyone a peacefull evening :hugs:


Welcome, and congratulations!


Thank you!


Hi there! Welcome and congratulations on your 7 months!


Thank you :butterfly:


You’ll find lots of advice and support on this forum as well as some banter and laughs. Talking Sober has been a key part to my recovery in addition to my own program :slight_smile: hope to see you more around in the forums!


Well done day 25 here :):sunglasses:


I’m on a program too :blush:…a friend recommended this…Thanks Becsta :v:


Well done jakee01 and thanks! One day at a time :v:


Hi @Tonia, welcome :hugs: 7m is fantastic. Any words of wisdom for those of us many months behind you?


Congratulations on your sober time.


Welcome and congratulations on your 7 months!!!


Congrats on 7 months. I to have 7 months and 4 days, and just taking it a day at a time!


Grateful. Fearless. Honest. Kindness. These are proving to be the foundations of my recovery :v:


:pray: Well done Major!


Thanks Sassyrocks!
Happy Sunday :butterfly:


Thank you Twowaymirror! Best wishes to you in ya journey :hugs:


Well done on the 7 months!!


Congratulations on 7 months, big achievement


Thanks Geo :slight_smile: