7 months sober having cravings

I’m 7 months sober so thankful but lately I have been having cravings for crack. To give an example my addiction is trying to trick me into thinking that I can snort come because it’s not smoking crack and it’s just crazy. Help


Hey Tim, I really don’t have much/any experience with your DOC, but who do you normally reach out to when you want to talk about your sobriety? What do you normally do to keep your head straight? Cravings are like feelings, they come and go and I you don’t need to accept everyone that comes to you. Just keep your head down, you have a good amount of clean time. Stay focused and talk to someone about what’s going on. Hopefully some others on here can empathize better. Hope you’re having a good weekend.


Yeah, that damn voice… but you’re dead right that it’s a trick of the brain. Drink is my DOC, but the same I think applies: Play the tape through, man. Where does that lead?

I know for me picking up any booze would just be the start. I’d probably do or say something I’d regret. And even if I didn’t, I’d wake up feeling like crap and regretting it. Possibly enough to roll into another night of mistakes.

Nah. You don’t need that. That tricky voice aside, aren’t you feeling better after 7 months? Tack one more day on there. Let the wave rise and fall. It will pass. If you do meetings, hit a meeting. If not, maybe a walk or call someone you know, just to shoot the breeze and see how their day is going.

Think about what you’ve got today, and hang on to that.


Ohhh man I’m nowhere near that far in sobriety as you, so congrats on that! I have a bad habit of justifying “well its not THAT though.” when it comes to my Docs. In my experience addiction is addition. If I do one drug to avoid another, I’ll still do some and want more. And more…It’s a slippery slide my friend.
I whole heartedly believe you can overcome this, you’ve already proven you can! I’d be more than happy to lend an ear to you if you need. I just went through a craving myself tonight and managed to resist (Not today!)
Wishing you the best!


I remember being 2+ years clean and my brain telling me that I could probably just smoke a little bit of meth because, hey, at least I wasn’t shooting it. Literally an hour later I was in a cheap motel with a needle in my arm.

That addict brain loves to lie to us.

Do you have a program you are working to stay clean? Is there anyone who can spend some time with you talking through the cravings?