7th rehab in a year

So I’ve been to 6 inpatient facilities in the past year. I’m about to go to my 7th one this Sunday. I’ve been doing drugs since I was 12. I’ve been doing drugs for 14 years. This life seems the only normal one. My life is in ruins. I’m homeless, jobless, can’t see my kid, but still I seem to get high. I really want to turn my life around but it seems impossible after so many relapses…


Hi there. Nothing is impossible if you want it bad enough. Do you feel ready to make a change? If so, you are well on your way. Good luck to you.

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A friend, after elite schools for high school, college, and grad school and blowing a potential professional sports career, found himself at the wrong end of a drinking and drug problem. He aced the first 5 or so rehabs he attended (including the nice ones) and drank the day he got out of many (if not all) and was homeless for years.
He just celebrated north of 25 years clean and sober.

Yes it can be done, but the willing to be willing starts with you. As somebody here aptly puts it, you have to fight like that third monkey trying to get on the ark for your sobriety. That means take the suggestions in the rehab, read the literature, do the work, and plan what post-rehab looks like for you, a sober living situation, a sober coach, or an extended rehab, as well as how you are going to plug into NA/AA after rehab.

You are worth a sober life and can have it if you are willing to do the work. My friend is an example that it can be done. I can’t tell you it is easy, but I can tell you it is worth it.



Just keep trying man iv been to like 14 of them last year.sucks but if we fall get back up an keep pushing


Just attending rehabs is not going to sort the problem out.
Ok, I’m British, so don’t know too much about them, but my understanding is that you could do these things just going through the motions.
So yes, you could be clean the whole time and pay lip service to the work but if you don’t want it deep deep down then it’s not going to happen once that support isn’t there.
No one can do this for you.
All you have to do is say no! The hardest thing to do that, when as you say, using is the norm!
Use the knowledge and the clean time you gain this time and as Goat says plan what you are going to do when you get out. Even if it means a sober living facility or a AA meeting, or 2 everyday.
You have to work and work hard. But as new habits are formed old ones are forgotten.
You can do this. But it means a lot of pain. A lot of pain!!!
Come on!! , Make this the last one yeah!


Nothing is impossible my friend,ask yourself do you really want the life you have doesn’t seem like your having much fun,I too I’m an addict I may not use now but IL always be am addict today I stand clean off heroin and benzos of 82 days like you my life was a mess countless inpatient and outpatient clinic prison stays addicted baby’s selling my body there was nothing I wouldn’t do but I decided 82 days ago that’s was it no fucking more I want my life back and I threw myself into it yes it was/is murder so.edays but on the worse day it’s a million times better than using against my will


Try a meeting might help wish you well


What are you learning in rehab that you aren’t continuing to do when you get home? Rehab won’t make you sober. You have to continue the work when you get home. And you NEED to toss all “friends” who encourage you to use, including your suppliers. Delete those phone numbers.



With the right motivation, anything is possible. Without it, nothing is possible.