8.33 days sober of alcohol but lost my

I am just over a week sober from alcohol… and i have lost all my sex drive with my husband since going sober. is this normal? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Perfectly normal. Your brain is your main sexual organ, Your brain is in “reboot” mode right now. Your body is just starting to heal. Your emotions are likely all over the map.

A bit of advice…just go with it and don’t obsess over anything, any little change. 8 days is great, but your sobriety is in its infancy.

You will need to re-learn so many things, sober. Sex is one of these things.


Thank you!! Also he isn’t helping when he talks sex every minute of everyday… he wanted me to quit drinking and I secretly been wanting to quit myself… So I woke one morning (last week lol) and decided it was time to change for my kids… my husband and myself!! But now is there any civil way to tell him to stop begging for sex more to say!!!

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A man begging for sex from his mate every minute
of the day? Sounds pretty normal to me…:rofl:

Reassure him that he will get his mate back, but right now you are healing, like after the births of your kids. Let him know that your desire to be the best wife to him is foremost in your mind, and one to the greatest motivators to get sober. In order to get sober, you need to focus your mental and physical energies on healing. Love is an action, not a feeling.


You’re good!!! Thank you for your advise/help!! :smile:


Same issues here. I’m being guilt tripped constantly. It’s really frustrating.

Almost feels “forced” :pensive: I totally get it!

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My sex drive was dead for about 40 days then came back with a vengeance!

Here’s an interesting article on PAWS.

What you’re experiencing is perfectly normal. ฅ’ω’ฅ


First off congrats on the sober time. That’s a big step. As to the marital situation, I think it can take a bit of time to realign intimacy. Having and wanting sex sober with my partner, for me, was a whole different bag then when I was drinking. If he supports your sobriety he’ll wait for you to re-emerge through this significant transition. Who knows it might even bring you all closer together and deepen your relationship. All the best!

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Yes! Very normal! I’ve never been with a man who was not constantly begging for it until my current husband. He has very low sex drive and it’s hard not to internalize it. The rejection side can be emotionally painful, which I never realized until I was on the rejection side. With that being said, I would be completely honest and sensitive to his feelings. Just explain it’s part of your sober journey, but definitely not forever. Since he supports you getting sober, I’m sure he will understand :blush:

I’m glad this subject has come up. I’ve been trying not to think about it, but I’ve definitely gone off the idea of sex. I know I need to relax and it’s normal and everything.

It is worrying me though because when my depression was at its worse I felt the same.