8 days and running

Yes 2 day is day 8 8 days and 2 hours i am omw and im feeling better everyday its not easy was craving last night and a little bit earlier 2day but im hanging on because i know what the end result is. E way thanks 4 being here community :sunglasses:


Good on you.

First quit attempt for me on this community. AA wasn’t for me as I am not religious and all the AA groups in Australia are funded by the churches.

Half a day and I reach 7 days. Also feeling good. But it’s those drives home from work I need to worry about.

Let’s get these challenges sorted together! 30 days!!! Then 90…

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Been to meetings in Australia and they keep to Tradition 7 ,first time ive heard of the church being involved [Boodabez well done wish you well


Yes let’s do this Friend

Going on 8 days now.

My trigger is the drive home from work. I always preferred drinking by myself in the comfort of my own home, and nights after work were the worst time. Today took a few deep breaths but got through it.

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