8 months into recovery today from meth

First time posting here but hey yall, within the last 7 days leading up to today ive felt kinda “stuck” and a huge urge to use well i work nights (11pm to 7am) 7 days a week and i got off work this morning and i feel like my whole world is not really crashing down but more so it feels overwhelming (im within about a month of getting my son back from DHR i just have to find a 2 bedroom place for him and i) and im sitting here at home in my bedroom fighting an anxiety attack and the urge to use because i know it would temporarily take everything away but when i come down id hate myself and be right back at square 1 and nowhere near getting my son back…i dont even know what im looking for posting this just need some support or some positive feedback or something. Thanks for listening.


Thanks for posting @Nikki92. 7 days a week is a LOT to work, but it’s for something greater; your son back, right? That’s also how you get to keep him, is working and not using, correct? Focus on that. 8 months is an incredible amount of time to be sober! Be proud of that! Hold your head up high. You’re doing an amazing job! Stay strong and keep doing what you know is the right thing to do; for you and for your son. Always forward.

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Just keep your focus on your son and your future. Meth is a very hard drug to get away from, I stopped using almost 7 years ago. 8 months is something to be proud of! Keep your head up, you can do this!

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