9 Calendar Months

Today is 9 calendar month’s of being sober, and about 6.5 months of enjoying life. Yeah, it takes time to get right and I still have a ways to go.

I don’t have all the grand advice others have except don’t pick up ever, no matter what. The 1 drink won’t make your day better.

When I drank all my tomorrows turned into yesterdays without me even realizing it, I was never present.

I surrendered to win, give it to my Higher Power daily, never make excuses for my sobriety and connect with my sober peers daily. The rooms of AA learned me on living, my IOP counselor gave it to me in layman’s terms. Eternally grateful to them and to my sober people, you know who you are.


Life’s a garden, dig it! Too blessed to be stressed these days.


Last time I went 9 months sober was before I began drinking. I was a senior in highschool then, and I actually enjoyed life. Hell I’m one of those schmucks who enjoyed HS while I was in HS.

Gonna eat all the cheesecake when I get to a year! And it’s gonna happen 100% as long as I don’t drink that 1 drink today.

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I loved HS lol… I missed 4 days in freshman year, then I had perfect attendance for the rest of the years.

@CaptAZ - your story is the stuff of miracles. So many folks would have taken your experiences and thrown a pity party. You dug in deep and faced your painful reality head on - and you asked for help. You worked so hard. You changed your life - and the lives of your family. Your story inspired me so when I came here, and it continues to do so daily. Congratulations, super star!:heart:


Nine months is such an important milestone. Congratulations.

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Im a landscaper i know about gardens ,get those weeds out dig up all those empty bottles hidden under the soil and yes that was one place my ex wouldnt look not being a gardener lol well done on 9 months and AA keep on trucking

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