9 days checking in


Hey everyone longest ive done yet taking it one day at a time and keeping myself busy! Reading up on here daily still just not responding as much lately but im still here :slight_smile: and sober!
I keep waking up this week feeling like im going to get a cold then it sibsides and a couple mornings i wake up thinking and feeling like im hungover! Then remember i didnt drink, the mind and body is so strange sometimes!
How is everyone?


Well done. One day at a time. Be kind to yourself :butterfly:


Nine days, just wonderful. I think the first 2 or 3 weeks are the toughest part. Just keep going, u have already done so much! :+1::heart::facepunch:


Hey @Stormy, wondering where you’d got to! Good to see you back.
Stay strong!


Really anxious today no idea why! Usually id drown that out with alcohol tonight im facing it sober!
Thanks for replying all :smiley:


Great job on your 9 days!! Have you read This Naked Mind yet? It was helpful to me in early days.


Congrats on 9days… Hopefully 10 when this message finds you.


I have yes great read!