90 days and celebrating my reason!

Today I am 90 days sober. Not a sip of alcohol. My energy level is higher. I am much happier and optimistic! I am blessed/cursed in that drinking again is not even an option for me. I have peripheral alcoholic neuropathy. This means that my nerves in my legs are poisoned and will continue to die with alcohol consumption. The result would be a wheelchair and possible amputation. I imagine facing someone enduring these conditions daily. Telling them I liked being drunk so much that I voluntarily gave up my ability to walk. This would classify me as the most selfish idiot alive. One beer also creates unbearable pain in my legs. I guess I am lucky to have this condition as it makes quitting non-negotiable for me. Thanks for reading, everyone have a wonderful day and keep up the good fight! Much love, Melisa


90 days, congrats! Keep it up! Sorry to hear about your condition, but that will give you that much more of a drive to do this…