90 days and counting looking forward to each day

Today is my 90 day mark and I am so grateful to God and the fellowship for walking with me on this journey…


90 days is fantastic!! Congratulations on making it work!!

Congrats! You got this!

Congrats :tada:

That’s great! Congrats!

Well done on 3 months. Great accomplishment!

Well done! Keep coming back!


Congratulations on your 90 days. Today is on month for me. The longest I’ve been sober since college.

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!I will be 16 days today! Congrats to u both!!! The struggle is hard but so worth it!!!

Congrats! That’s awesome girl :slightly_smiling_face: keep moving forward!

Thank you. I’m excited.

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Congrats!!! Happy 90 days of sobriety. :blush: