90 days clean && sober!

I was told I should write or journal to express myself and all that I have been through, so I try and make sure I write something daily that has to do with my addiction. So this is this mornings journal entry. 90 days is a huge accomplishment for me and I’m excited to continue my journey and see where it takes me!!

I never thought I’d change my life
But here I am you see.
I thought that I’d be dead by now
But death wasn’t meant for me.
I know there’s something out there,
That I am meant to do.
My plan is to help people like me
and I plan to see it thru.
The life I lived was dangerous
and deaths, I’ve seen a few!!
The horror and the danger in it is
enough to make you choose, to change
your life and be someone or death will
seek you too!! The time is now you
have to change or it could be to late!!
Think about whats best for you.
You need to contemplate.
The drugs will cloud your mind but
please concentrate!! Make the right decision
before it is to late!! I do not say that lightly!!
I’m telling you. You have to change some how.
Right now it might not seem so bad.
Maybe you have control. But that doesn’t last
So you need to give up the hit or blast
or what ever your choice may be. Because
you may not end up as fortunate as me!!



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