90 Days Reset

Today I Had to Reset mi Sober time. Its been 90 days since the last consume of cocaine. I did it yesterday again. Im felling terrible, because i made a big steep during this 90 days, and in a night a trash it all away.
Any sugestions or advice? Thanks

Why. Do you know? What feelings, or situations did you find that lead you to this
You already have 90 days so something you were doing was having an affect.


Try to learn from it so you can avoid a new one?
And don’t be to hard on yourself, those 90 days are not gone!


I had to hit the reset button this morning also, i had 7 days sober, drank a bottle of wine and 3 beers last night. I feel the shit!!


Relapses are only bad if 1) they kill you, or 2) you learn nothing from it. Figure out why you used after 90 days. Make this be the resolve you need to be clean.


Thanks to response!! Geo… I will think on that. Whats brings to that. One thing I saw is the alcohol, that bring to that. The first step is Stop Drinking. Other ate emotianal I gues… but I will looking more in detail.

@SoberWalker thanks to reply. Yes I been to hard on my self, because I know, That can I be better. I will learn something about this. And keep strong!

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@Becsta thank for your words. Its a hard work, but it can be posible, and positive. It time to rebuild thats 90 and go further. I will think in yous questions, and analized what bring to that point. For shure the alcohol its the fisrt problem, when I used in abusive way. I will stop doing that first at all.

@backoff12 its a long journey!!! Lets go!!! Its posible to be better!!! Come on!!!

@anon46927530 good point!!! Its time to resolve this, to be clean. I will think on that!!!

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90 days is huge! Do not be discouraged. Tell that addiction to f@#% off.

Sorry to hear!
But you haven’t trashed those 90 days, they are still yours to be proud of.
Back in the saddle !
Wishing you all the best :pray: