92 days in

So, I’m a first timer at this …also, a late bloomer to the drug seen. Started with pot of course. .then tyelol, endocette then the beloved Oxy… Jesus. .what was I thinking . For 12 years I ran that road …with 2 children …I was never an iv user, which Later on, I found out was a good thing … I turned to my family doctor for help. .I just couldn’t run the game anymore. I CHOSE METHADONE …it didn’t Choose ME ! I was on a max of 80mls for 4 years … then decided I was DONE BEING ON THE LIQUID LEASE!!
I came down 5mls, every 5 days…and not saying it wasn’t rough at times…Oh God,it was…but I had the right people, my children, my pharmacist and a Stong Mind Set that I COULD DO THIS…
:slight_smile: I took my last drink of 1ml on Aug. 6th/17 @ 10:30am …and 92 days later. .I feel like I have never been down that rock road I walked down … To ANYONE who doesn’t think YOU can do it …YOU CAN ! HAVE STRENGTH IN NUMBERS AND FAITH IN FRIENDS AND FAMILY , ALSO, CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF … " YOU GOT THIS !:+1::heart:"