A_A on the fence

Been doing a lot better with staying sober. Only three relapses within last six months.

Finally decided to try AA. I was opposed to the idea. Don’t really know why yet haven’t really taken the time to look inside.

I love it. I can’t believe how much I look forward to going to meetings. Just want to say if you’re on the fence. Try it. I wish I would of I’d probably be on a straight six months now. Thanks for listening. Happy sober days.


Solid advice. Congrats on 6 months


Been saying that for years wish you well


I was too, and then decided AA suited me better than being a dead alcoholic!


Totally agree, I was on the fence about NA for years until after this last relapse I dedicated myself to the program and became openminded.


This. I had so many fears and what ifs, too. I also ended up loving it and the program helps me a lot.

Looking back, it came down to this: The worst thing that happens is I spend an hour drinking bad coffee and feeling a little awkward listening.

But the best thing that happens is I stay sober.

No brainer!


I love the way you worded that! It was very ‘glass half full’!

I would have said “l can only manage to stay sober for a couple of months at best.”

Your way is a much healthier and rewarding way to look at sobriety, and that it’s a journey not a destination.

Thanks for sharing and also, great news that you are enjoying AA MEETINGS now!:clap:


I was forced to try it in order to get released from IOP and I’m glad I went. I’ve been going the past 2.5 years and met some pretty amazing people there. I tried getting my husband to go and he wasn’t having it. I finally convinced him to at least try 1 meeting and now I can’t keep him home. :sweat_smile: