A dose of today

Alright, day 2, I feel a lot different this go round of quitting, I feel a dred but also a relief, I’m so used to a world with alcohol and drugs that I have a hard time visualizing a life without. I think why I feel different is I feel this time quitting is for real. My previous attempts have always had the underlying thought of “I’ll get this shit under control and then just have some beers and be fine” now that I know that is the fucking killer right there, I’m a bit scared of this realization that,no matter what,I can’t drink. I feel like I’ve been saved this last time, but I’ve also been able to make it 7 months before, granted I was a lot younger and more doe eyed, but I know I feel different this time. I don’t know, today is fucking weird, I’m all over the place emotionally, I did attend my first AA meeting on Tuesday, I plan on going back.


Hell yeah!
Glad to hear this

keep it in the moment

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no need to get uptight at aa. aa’s saved me from a path of sure distruction

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Thank you!

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