A few hours from 90 days

First post here. In a few short hours I’ll have been free from my alcohol addiction for 90 days. My wife and I are separated and had an argument this evening which kind of dampened my happiness over this milestone. Relying on my faith in God tonight and every night but any good vibes and prayers would be appreciated!


Welcome to the group :wave:t2: and congrats on 90 days :star::star:

Sorry to hear that your milestone got overshadowed, but tomorrow is a new day. And really if you think about it, every day in recovery is a milestone.
Find a way to celebrate tomorrow. Get a cupcake or ice cream. Treat yourself to dinner. Don’t let this get you too down.

Hope your day is better tomorrow.


Welcome man be happy the hell with feeling bad. I am 90 days tomorrow, its been a long and tough ride and i am going to enjoy it as much as I can, One thing that I have learned about chicks is that once they don’t care about you, thats it leave it alone and move on but I dont know your situation so I ain’t trying to guide you in the wrong direction just saying it in good faith.Stay strong and be happy your sober.