A Great Day!

I just wanted to pop in, I am coming up on what I am expecting to be my first real challenge tomorrow. I work 4 days a week, so tomorrow would be my weekend start day. I do not drink during the work week anyways, so I feel like tomorrow is my first test. My issue has never really been frequency as much as quantity…when I start, I am not known for stopping. So after work tomorrow is the first time I am going to have to not stop on the way home to “kick my weekend off” etc. I do feel good about it though!

In the mean time I just wanted to take a second to say today is a great day! To anyone that has one more day under their belt, to anyone that has a job, a family, people that love and support them, and sometimes just to have another day on the top side of the grass…take the time to be thankful and enjoy what you have and strengthen your resolve towards your goals!