A little test

Today was Day 8 and I wasn’t struggling much. I had a beer and I’m not sure the reason. I wasn’t craving, I wasn’t spite-drinking. I wasn’t rewarding myself for a productive day, I wasn’t trying to get numb. It was one beer. But I’m a “1 turns into 6” gal. So I realized that even after just one, I was instantly bloated, instantly irritated, angry, sour. And as per usual I took ibuprofen before bed as not to wake up with a headache.

It is so amazingly clear how Wonderful and Free I have felt for the last 8 days, not being a slave to or victim of the alcohol. I truly believe 99% of alcohol addiction is mental and you’ve just got to kill the little monsters in your mind that nag you and make you itch for that drink (referencing Allen Carr’s “The Easy Way to Stop Drinking”).

I’m not too upset with myself, just bummed because I loved watching my clock progress in sober days. So I had to reset. I can do another 8 days, easy. Each relapse comes with another challenge of exceeding the last sober streak. Just thought I’d share the lightbulb I experienced…how freaking obvious it is that alcohol is no bueno!!


Most of my relapses happened the same way. Usually there was no stressful trigger or actual reason really, it was just boredom, and I wanted one. But I, like you, am the kind of person who can’t stop at 1, and before I know it I’m on a week long bender. I absolutely agree that once you get past detox, the rest is all mental. Each day you stay sober is a small victory, and do it enough times you start to realize that you can function and deal with all of life’s problems without it. It just takes practice and repitition.


You did 8 so you can do 9!
Keep on trucking! :facepunch:

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Do you know how many times over the last 4 months I’ve “wanted” a beer? How many times I’ve been " bored" angry, upset been in the situation where I could have had one?
Loads, absolutely loads! But I stop myself doing it.


Thank you!!

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This disease doesn’t need a reason. In fact, it will invent a reason when none exists! Sometimes the thought just comes to mind. If we don’t have any mental or spiritual defense prepared, we may be in trouble.