A shift in thought

i have started praying as a new implementation of my sobriety and i feel there has been a major shift in the way i process things.
If you were desperate af as i once was… may i suggest prayer?

i think it will take me a long time to process how depressed and sad i was/have been.
anyways, i will post more later as its gotten late. thank u for reading


Yes. I started praying nightly, mostly prayers of gratitude for helping me stay sober that day. Sometimes I fell asleep while praying, which I think is okay.


I prayed before I got sober, and continue to do so. It helps.

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Praying is honestly crucial for my recovery. Its truly amazing what prayer can do! Its almost like a life line :slight_smile: its great to hear that it is working for u too!

I have changed like everything i actually read books and have been going to the kingdom hall every sunday… i think i was just actually fed up this time 48 days today and counting :slight_smile: