A slip, doesn’t define us

Checking in. Been little while! Glad to have this to come to when things get tricky.
Had me a slip up. Was almost 2 years sober from booze, until last week.
A moment of weakness and depression, had me in front of a gas station counter paying for gas, and saw my favorite brand of booze. It was like the words came out of my mouth before my brain could register what tomorrow was going to bring. Got it ,drank it felt disgusting during and after. And The “HANGOVER” oh my goodness :skull_and_crossbones::point_left:t3:
Sad, but truth helps overcome. And I hope this helps with anyone who is struggling right now.
You may slip like this, but just get your support together let them know you slipped and let’s get you back on track.
First thing I had to do is call my Fiancé and tell her I slipped. Had our normal talk of why, how. Gave up my debit card to her for the week as part of our deal. Now I’m. Back on the wagon and feeling better everyday. Can’t stress enough about support! Having one is what saved me. Truth saves you.
Everyone have a great day :+1:t3: keep up the good work.


I’ve been in the same situation.


So glad you didnt allow a slip to become a full blown relapse, you took back control.
Learn from it and be even stronger, ODAAT.


Takes a big man to admit their mistakes and own it and get back on track :raised_hands::+1:


Thanks for the reminder Ronnie. It’s always just round the corner for any of us. Really glad you’re taking it so strongly and confidently. It shows you have good recovery despite to slip. All the best!

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Thanks so much for sharing this and keep coming back.

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My son’s favorite phrase is, “If you get knocked down, land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up.”

It’s not who you are, you can do this. Search yourself and see if yo can figure out what caused it and then try to deal with it. So often, we are either working on our recovery or working on a relapse.

You have thousands of us in your corner.

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18 days n slipped today bur I rise again never to fail again. Prmoise to myself


This is a great place to come. I’ve found that if i come here everyday and read things don’t get very tricky because it keeps my sobriety in the front of my mind. I’m from the 906 too, best wishes from one yooper to another.

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No relapse can ever be justified but yeah from my own experience it’s certainly a stark reminder as to why we are doing what we’re doing. It definitely makes me think twice now before I pick up and pray everyday that that second thought is going to be enough to keep me safe for another 24.
Unfortunate but well done for taking positive action and getting straight back on the wagon :+1:

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Good job getting back at it as quickly as you did!!

Some people take a very long time to get going again. Slips or relapses “can” do your head in.

And MAN those headaches are the ones that just take hours and hours to dissipate.

The great news is your time is never lost, you now know more than ever that “favorite” drink is no friend of yours.

Strength to you! :clap::clap::clap:

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