A sober weekend

I have a really hard time with weekends. My main problem is I don’t enjoy anything without alcohol. Tonight I walked for miles listening to music just to fight crushing depression.

When it finally went away, I went to the casino. Marched to the bar and ordered a red bull. Lost some money but laughed about it.

Here I am, 2am, sober.

I drove through my party haunts and when you’re sober it seems pathetic.

Haven’t stayed up this late sober… Well I don’t know. Hey no hangover tomorrow. No drunk texts tonight.

Depression is bad but drinking is worse.


How long have you been sober?

I only ask because for me at the beginning I felt the same. Doing things without a drink, where I’d normally be drunk, brought out a physical reaction, an uncomfortable feeling that I thought would never leave. But after a while it lessened.

Do you have support? I never would have been able to do this without AA but there are other ways too that people on this forum use.

Well done on staying sober tonight.

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I’ve made it about 4 months before. New job new city. Things are a bit better. I’m in therapy and psychiatry. Neither are foolproof.

Have a really bad knack for partying and not knowing how to stop. Been trying to moderate forever.

I go out and do things but it feels like passing time until I can sleep. Only drunk do I truly feel excited, connected, having fun. It’s a real problem.

Are you getting the help you need for depression?

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I’m three months in and I’ve just started getting used to not having ‘exciting’ weekends. I have actually started enjoying Friday nights in watching a film or something. I went away for a weekend with a friend which would have been a wild night… We went to a museum, watched a film and had a picnic. It was tame but nice. Nice is good! Remembering everything is good!

I’m still not as confident sober but after using alcohol as a substitute for a personality for the last 15 years I guess that’s to be expected.

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Yeah I’m seeing a therapist and psychiatrist. Unfortunately getting help doesn’t mean getting cured…

I hear you.

I have this annoying habit of trying to fix things…

I’m glad you staid sober and I hope you end up having a decent weekend :hugs:

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