A Success for Athelwyn

Hello everyone!! So i wanted yo come on here and discuss a recent success ive experienced. I
Its a long story so ill try and make it quick if you have any questions feel free to aek, im an open book!!

So ive been enrolled in university for the last year. Its been difficult and because of that ive had to get course extensions. I recentlyfound out that because of this extension ive lost my government student loans. There are several requirements for me to get the funding back one of ehich is to successfully, within their time frame, complete a school year, for ehich i would have to pay out of pocket. For the last year my partner has been the sole financial provider for us, often working alot of overtime. Because i would have to find at least one year this made it so i would have to go back to work.

My partner and i then took a deep look into our financial situation, and I must tell you it was grim indeed.

These situations amung a few others had me beyond stressed out. In theendi decided to leave school to work asmuch as i can. I decided that it was not fair or right of my to expect my partner to work a week of extra shifts ( he works at a kine where he is scheduled for 2 weeks of work, 12hr shifts 7 days a week, then he is supposed to be home for 2 weeks, when working overtime that meant he only got to be home for 1 week a month). He is more than willing to do the eork in order for me to attend school, but i feel beyond selfish in making him work so hard for so many hours. His job is very labour intensive and he is extremely egsausted at theendof the day. He desirves his well earned 2 weeks off a month.

So with all of this said, in the past my immediate reaction would be to escape in any way possible, usually drugs or alcohol. However, this time around i did not experience this feeling. I did want to escape, but in adifferent way. I wanted to escape i to television and the many crafts i enjoy doing.

I cannot tell you how much joy this brings me. I have worked very hardfor this moment. I am aware that it does not mean i will never have cravings again. But, it is an important milestone that i wanted to celebrate with you all.

Has anyone else felt this way? Do any of you feel that perhaps you will never get to this point? Im curious to hear your stories.

If you have made it this far in reading i thank you greatly.
I wish all of you goid health, and the ability to recognize and enjoy the successes in your own journey, for these are what keep us going.
Love to you all


This type of situation - having to choose a practical, realistic solution, and (important) finding fulfillment and joy in it - this type of effort is something I’ve had to do in my marriage many times. We’re still happily married (going to counselling to keep up healthy communication training, but that’s proactive effort, it helps keep us focused & building skills).

Life isn’t about what’s perfect. It’s about progress. It’s about moving forward and living life, together. You don’t get to take your money with you into the grave (unless you’re an Egyptian emperor, but what are they doing with all that gold? Seriously?) - but you do get to make connections that last (even after you die, with your family and friends and contacts), and those connections are worth more than anything you can get from money or degrees. (Nothing against money or universities, it’s just that, if the choice is between desperation with a degree or healthy progress without one, it’s a pretty clear choice.)

Also, as someone who has friends and family with degrees and without them, I can say it has absolutely no bearing on your sense of fulfillment or satisfaction with your life. Those things come from the healthy relationships and connections and growth you have, and the only school for those, is the school of life. :innocent: