A whole new view of things


Though I’m only into day 13, some friends stopped by a few days ago. Three heavy drinkers… dangerous situation, I know. Strange thing happened. While I was sitting there with my coffee, I got to observe how crazy the whole thing was. Not doing it again. I’m telling them don’t bring booze to my house, period. It didn’t make me crave a drink. I was just grateful to be doing this!:grinning:


Sounds like a healthy boundary to set up. You’re the king of your castle.

Almost 2 weeks in so great work, keep the positive forward momentum going.


2 weeks is great! At first I avoided most situations with drinkers, but when I was with them, I made sure to watch them closely. Addicts are a great sobriety tool for me. I get to see what I was like, first hand, and what I never want to be again. Keep up the momentum!