AA Chips. Where do you keeps yours?


Evening all.

I’m celebrating 6 months sobriety this week and picked up my latest chip tonight. I couldn’t quite believe that it has been 6 months so when I got home I looked at my other chips.

Amazing how time flies. It seems to be flying faster lately and I’m trying to ride the wave. I’m changing and it feels good and new.

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to see where you guys keep your chips, if you have them. I keep mine in ‘the cat box’. I got it in a Christmas stocking a couple of years ago.

Behold, some strange pictures of my collection…

Chip Pirates

I keep mine in my wallet. Always have them with me that way.

Got a sticker on my wallet from going to my daughter’s leadership assembly when she was in foster care too. Gonna be sad when that bad boy falls off.


When she was… Are you reunited with them now? Why didn’t I get to cheer for this?


I had a binder I took to meetings thay has my white, 30 day, 90 day, 6 month and 9 month chips in it. My year medallion is in my car and my 18 month chip is on the dryer where I took it out of my pocket. :sunglasses:



My two home groups only do 90 day and yearly. My 90 day has been in my wallet since I got it so that I always have it with me if I need it.


We got the kids back about a month ago. I think only posted about in the “one word” thread.

October 4th is our final court date hopefully.


That is so wonderful!


Absofuckinglutely. They were gone for 7 months. Took some getting used to when we got them back, took a whole week off work, things are getting a lot more fluent and regular again.


Is your partner in recovery too? Sorry I’m being nosey. But it just makes my heart soar when I see people doing right by their kids :slight_smile:


Also I’m in AZ as well


Yeah. She’s an alcoholic like I am. We both got sober on January 20th, been an arduous but rewarding road and it’s my pleasure to trudge with her. We’ve come a long way in a short time.

What part of the Copper State?


I’m in Gilbert. Been here my whole life. I love it. What about you


Wayyy east lol. I live in Surprise, also a born and raised AZ native. We’re a rare breed here lol


That’s awesome!!!


My one year is in my car. My 11 months in my wallet and the rest on my night stand next to my phone charger.


So, why only the 3? Where I live they tell us it is important that we chip for the newcomers to see the program works. They tell us to chip at every meeting we regularly attend for a week. I only keep the ones from my home group. I return the others after the meeting.


Just a weirdly humbling time for me, each milestone. Definitely proud, but always subdued. I’ll share the news with my group, that puts a quiet smile on my face & I’m good with that. I’ve only personally felt the strong desire to stand up publicly & receive those three.

For me, nothing meant more then the first year, that one was so special! And 5 years, in my mind meant the big time to me. My first sponsor had 5yrs when she took me on, just a personally important milestone. And 25, was handed down to me by a dear man who’s since passed away. When I was one year sober, he collected his 25yr coin that same night. He turned around that night & handed it to my parents to keep me for me. They held onto it for 24 years. That one I accepted in his honor, in front of everyone :slight_smile:


This gives me happy chills. What an incredibly special legacy and gift. He knew you were in it for the long haul. Thank you for sharing this incredible story.

One drunk helping another.:heart:


^—This! That’s so beautiful I just teared up a little, @BondJaneBond. :hugs:


That’s beautiful. So happy for you guys :hugs: