AA Chips. Where do you keeps yours?


Haha nice. Tbh my new one is on the arm of the chair where I left it last night.


Awesome :blush:


Lovely idea :blush:


That’s so sweet! I bet your heart melted.

Marbles?! How cool!


There is a “secret” meeting at the ocean front in Virginia Beach that chips with sea shells. Secret that everyone knows about but it isn’t printed on the meeting lists because it is only memorial day to labor day and canceled if it is pissing rain.


I was told to keep my monthly chips in my mouth. When it melted, then u could drink. Or alternately, stick it to your forehead and when you feel like drinking, hit it with a hammer.


Up until 5 years or so, I got a new medallion each year and carried it in my pocket. Then I went to Dr, Bob’s home in Akron. I picked up a pocket piece there with the painting of the man on the bed on one side and a quote from Dr. Bob on the other. Each year on my anniversary, I pass it around my home group to pick up fresh mojo. HP works in funny ways, because I can feel the nearness of my ‘homies’ when I pick up the pocket piece.


My favorite! Bill W & Dr. Bob doing a 12 Step call on soon to be member #3. I wrap this & give it to girls i sponsor once they hit a year. Powerful reminder that with our disease you can either be the person in the bed or the person in the chair…you will be one…you get to pick :wink:



That hangs on the wall by my “assigned” seat lol


And if you ever lose your marbles, you’ll definitely lose your chips :wink:


i got mine early only 3 days to go its the only one i have never been a chip guy but still got my original pre ample


I only have one, 24 hrs, it is on my bookshelf with seashells, gifts people have given me, other little knickknacks. I still haven’t gone to get my 30 day, so perhaps this weekend I will. My son is 9 and was enthralled with my 24 hr one. It was emotional to tell him why I had it and where I got it. He said I should get more, and I told him I will. Kids love shiny things, lol! I bet he thought it looked like pirate’s doubloons, lol. He used to collect my beer caps; he was into Fallout where I guess you use them as money. He used go urge me to go buy more beer so he could get more “money”. He would get excited when the caps were different colors so I was happy to oblige. So sad, looking back at that time.


Congrats your going to need a bigger cat box :unicorn:


Congrats on 6 months @SarahJ!!! Super cool little container ya got there. Like someone else said, you’re gonna need a bigger one😉

I have always been weird about tokens. I don’t like being celebrated. I don’t like it on my birthday and I don’t like it when milestones come around.

But I was told that it isn’t about me. Taking tokens is for the meeting. For newcomers and old timers alike to see the Program working.

I was also told to take 3 tokens. One for the newcomer to see. One for the meeting to see. And one for myself to see. So To me this is just another one of those things, I do what I’m told. Lol.

So where are all these tokens now?? All over the place!! My kid has some in his piggy bank. Calls them his daddy pennies. I think there’s one on the washing machine. And I have been able to give a couple away.

I do always keep a 30 day token in my wallet. 30 day was a huge deal for me. The most important milestone to date for me so far was 30 days. I couldn’t go 30 minutes without drinking before so 30 days was a miracle! So I keep a 30 day chip with me to give to a newcomer in hopes that I can share that miracle. And it’s just more special to get a used token from someone:)


Oh yeah, and I’m a weirdo. I buy my own tokens. I don’t like people (or meetings) to buy things for me. So when a milestone comes around I purchase 3 tokens. Before the meeting I give one to whoever is presenting me with the token.

Yet another weird quirk about Gabe :wink:


Wow, that’s so cool!


Aw, that’s lovely that he’s excited for you


Haha I know! :cat:


That’s really lovely :blush:


I should probably go find mine. They are in various places